So you have booked your flight, your passport is valid and in hand, and you are ready to find your home away from home. But where is the best place to stay in Paris? There are many charming neighborhoods to pick from, but my favorite if you want to be in the heart of the city is the Marais. The general area is circled here in red. Map sweet spot

If you are doing a hotel search you can refine by neighborhood or by arrisdonment. Look for hotels in the 1st and 4th arrisdonment and try to find one within a few blocks of a metro station. If you can find a place along Rue de Rivoli you are in a perfect spot. It is close to the metro lines and the RER line to get to the airports. You can read more about that on the Getting Around page.

Paris Marais

If you are anywhere along Rue de Rivoli between Musee du Louvre and Bastille it is fairly easy to walk a few blocks to a metro stop. The closer you are to Chatelet or Hotel de Ville, the easier it will be to get to the major train stations and airports.

I usually don’t focus too much on my hotel, but just try to find the least expensive room with a private bathroom. If you are worried about walking up several flights of stairs make sure you get a hotel with a lift. It definitely makes getting your suitcase to your room a lot easier.

I usually search for a hotel on or have found a few good deals on Expedia and Orbitz. If you travel often, then I suggest searching your favorite site and join their rewards programs to collect points or free nights. I find the rewards programs are not as valuable as saving a few hundred dollars on a great deal on a different site. It seems actually collecting enough points for a free reward is usually too much of a hassle to make worthwhile.

A few hotels I have stayed at are listed below and I found some great deals depending on the time of year.

Hotel de Vieux Marais

Hotel Compostelle

Hotel Louvre Rivoli

Tonic Hotel du Louvre

Hotel Pointe Rivoli

Again, check to find the best deal during your particular stay. Read the reviews and look for hotels near metro stops.