Using Your Phone

So, you have decided to purchase an expensive international plan for your trip to Europe? Well, before you do, ask yourself if it is really necessary?

I have been to Europe several times, both before the invention of cell phones and after, and if there is one thing I really enjoy about being on vacation is turning off my cell phone. But, before you decide to leave it at home, remember your phone can be a great tool to have even if you turn off your cell coverage. It is a great point and shoot camera and using offline maps can come in very handy if you happen to get lost.

It is simple to turn off cellular data in your settings, and still keep your WiFi turned on. If you have an iPhone you will still be able to call and text other iPhones on WiFi. I have found this is all the functionality I need from my phone and saves me from having to add international data or pay ridiculous prices per minute and gigabyte. It is worth checking with your provider if you would feel more comfortable having full cellular functionality while overseas.

To turn off your cellular data on your iPhone, go to settings > Cellular > Cellular DataIMG_9174FullSizeRender


I also suggest backing up your photos to your computer before you go so you can delete them, plus any unnecessary apps from your phone to make room for photos. I have also found the mTrip app very helpful. You can read more about it and download the app here. It works without using cellular data and even when you don’t have a WiFi signal and gives you some great sight seeing suggestions, nearby restaurants and even a subway map.


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